Shopping is cheaper than therapy.

To shop luxury items is not hard. The hard thing is to learn how to match outfits no matter what brand and price range they are. And another hard thing is to find those favourite stores that have almost everything just for you. With my expertise I will help you to strengthen your personal style and to find the shape and colours that compliments you.

Does your work require strict clothing? Do you lack the ability of time management? Or maybe you just don’t know where to by your clothes. I will help you put together a, what I call, ”power dress wardrobe”. This is basically to help you put together a basic wardrobe that works in your daily life. We will build up and expand your wardrobe with that little extra that works every time you have a dinner party, a trip or an after work with your colleagues.

We will also look at accessories, which are a must-have for a complete wardrobe and a simple apparel to pull off to make that outfit pop. With my experienced eyes and knowledge I will guarantee you that you will leave our meeting with your head held high and a broad smile on your face!

We will meet up in the central of Stockholm for a profile analysis. Then we will visit some chosen stores that will fit both you and your budget. During our session we will try on different garments and put outfits together. I will guide you through colours and cuts to make you feel confident about your purchases in the future.

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